Dr. Pravin B. Chopade (HOD E & TC Department)

            It is a profound moment, to be convening the 6 th National conference ‘Advancements in Communication, Computing and Electronics Technology’ [ACCET-19], being organized by the Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, MES’s College of Engineering, Pune.
            The present century is referred to as the age of Information and Technology. Continued advancement in the previous decade has led to the explosion of Internet and Wireless Communication. The processing performances once exclusive to Super Computers are now available in handheld personal digital devices. Improvements in Integrated Circuits have enabled space explorations, made automobiles more efficient, revolutionized the nature of warfare are brought vast libraries of information into our Web Browsers and made world a more interdependent place.
            ACCET-2019 attracts established academicians and research students from around the nation. The research papers published in this proceeding bears testimony to the fact that exciting work is been undertaken in numerous topics related to electronics and a telecommunication engineering. The success of this conference is a result of efforts of contributors and presenters who have shared with us the latest developments in their respective fields. Such an event is not possible without the hard work of the reviewers to whom I am deeply indebted for taking out time to provide professional opinions on the submissions.
            I am highly obliged to our devoted and ever-enthusiastic Principal Dr. A. A. Keste for his constant support and encouragement. I highly appreciate the efforts of the coordinators Dr. P. P. Mane, Prof. A. A. Dhavlikar and the conference organizing team, who have coordinated and liaised with the contributors, reviewers and many other parties concerned. The non-teaching staff cannot be forgotten, their dedicated support ensures that the conference is of high quality and makes the conference a thoroughly enjoyable gathering.